Element Splicing Wire Headband
Element Splicing Wire Headband
Element Splicing Wire Headband

Element Splicing Wire Headband

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Transform your style with a HEADBAND and create a stunning new look. This Abstract style headband are perfect hair accessories that will enhance your make up.

  • SIZE: 51*3.54 inches;
  • COLOR: Colorful
  • Pattern Type: Abstract color matching
  • MATERIAL: 95%Polyester fiber 5% Cutton and shapeable wire.
  • ITEM NO.: AC2040
headwarp for anywhere

A shapable band is an affordable fashion statement that will make you feel and look beautiful and a classy way of transforming any outfit into an African or ethnic wear. You can wear a shapable band with any outfit, from Jeans and a T-shirt to a cocktail dress.

What's one of the most essential tools for retaining length and moisture in your hair? Satin. Traditional Headwraps can cause friction and dry out your hair. Our wraps Protect your hair by covering your strands in high quality, luxurious satin

HANDMADE: Every single wrap is handmade by specially trained artisans right here in the US. Every seam is carefully constructed, and every knot is tied by hand. Your piece is ALWAYS an original work of art

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