Fashion is trending toward afro fusion

African clothing is the traditional clothing worn by the people of Africa. In all instances except rural areas these traditional garments have been replaced by Western clothing introduced by European colonialists.


For centuries, headwraps have been a consistent feature in the daily living of African women. According to the writers, one could tell from a headwrap if a woman was married, widowed, young or old. 

Fashion revolves with time and the head wraps no longer symbolize culture or spiritual or slavery or anything like that. It is the in-thing now! It is what is trending in the fashion industry at the moment. And you don't only see the African ladies wrapping it up, we have the white ladies rocking the head wraps too. That's the beauty of fashion, it has no race and it breaks all the boundaries.


We believe the head wrap is for everyone, because it has always been for everyone. 

For many centuries, women (and men) around the world have worn head wraps in numerous styles, with various fabrics, for many different reasons. Head wraps are worn for many reasons including religious, cultural and style expression.


We strongly believe in head wraps as statements, as ways to stand out while being a part of a community, where women of all races, colours and all religions affirm their unique individuality.


Wrap it up in style!

Head wraps are definitely becoming more and more popular and we love it! All over social media, we see women rocking fabulous colourful head wrap styles. Gone are the days where one wrapped their hair in order to deal with a bad hair day. Head wraps have become a very trendy and a fashionable item to add to any outfit. African print head wraps in particular seem to be leading the pack when it come to this trend.


Many people who lose their hair due to chemotherapy or other breast cancer treatments discover that head wraps are the easiest, most comfortable, and versatile head coverings. Head wraps can hide your hair loss, help keep you warm, and protect you from the sun. And since they are available in so many styles and colors, you can find options that fit your personal taste and make you feel stylish and not like you’re wearing them just to cover up.


Some days our hair feels gorgeous, clean and beautiful enough to star in a hair-care campaign. Other days, not so much. It’s dirty, frizzy or simply seems to have developed a new cowlick that we just can’t be bothered to deal with. Sometimes we are hoping to protect out strands from wind or rain and other days we are just bored and looking to try a new ’do. Whatever the case, a head wrap can always help.




The head wrap is hardly a new trend, but it is a fun way to shake up your use of the cold-weather accessory (though we suggest sticking to silk or other thin fabrics rather than wrapping a cozy wool number around your scalp). The benefit of this particular hair accessory is how versatile it can be: There are tons of different looks you can achieve with just one head wrap, ranging from super-simple to intricately detailed. Whatever look you’re going for, we’ve gathered together the best tips and tricks for achieving the head wrap style you want.


At Anewcrown we wear head wraps because they’re beautiful, they allow creative expression and many find them to be very convenient. Our goal is to have our customers use our products for whatever reason they feel, but overall to feel confident and beautiful. We are proud to support diversity and inclusion. 


For centuries people around the world have created their own cultural meanings and intentions behind their headwraps and today we are free to do the same. Create your own history.



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