Poison Monolayer Wire Headband AC2154

Poison Monolayer Wire Headband AC2154

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Monolayer headband is more breathable than the previous. 
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  • ITEM NO: AC2154
  • PERFECT SIZE: Fits any headsize with Elastic rubber band Shapable metal strip.
  • MATERIAL: Luxury Soft Colorful Polyester fiber
  • FEATURE: Enable Different Chic Headwrap Looks Easily.It is Luxury Soft And Suitable For All The Outgoing Functions.easy To Match All Kinds Of Accessories And Outfits.
headwarp for anywhere

A shapable band is an affordable fashion statement that will make you feel and look beautiful and a classy way of transforming any outfit into an African or ethnic wear. You can wear a shapable band with any outfit, from Jeans and a T-shirt to a cocktail dress.

HANDMADE: Every single wrap is handmade by specially trained artisans. Every seam is carefully constructed, and every knot is tied by hand. Your piece is ALWAYS an original work of art

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